BlacksheepOffroad provides professional 4x4 driving instruction and training. Regular group courses are conducted from our Georgetown CA location, and fully outfitted multi-day trips are scheduled seasonally on California's famous Rubicon Trail.

Regular group classes are scheduled throughout the fall, winter, and spring months, October through April. Courses fill up fast, so book ahead! Class size is kept small for maximum effectiveness.

Private courses are available by appointment, year-round, 7-days a week, so that your course is tailored to your specific vehicle, skill level and interest.

The Rubicon Trail is not for the faint of heart and it is not the place for stock, off the lot 4×4 rigs. Proper modifications, like those listed above, are required to get a vehicle through the trail safely. Rock rash, mechanical failures and body damage can and do happen on this trail and any driver intent on bringing their own rig should be aware of the risks.

Vehicle minimum requirements: 33” or taller offroad tires (35″ recommended), skid plates (factory Wrangler plates okay), recovery points, traction device required.

If you would like to drive your own rig, please contact BlacksheepOffroad before booking your trip and speak with one of our guides about specific needs and recommendations for your vehicle.