BlacksheepOffroad provides professional 4x4 driving instruction and training. Regular group courses are conducted from our Georgetown CA location, and fully outfitted multi-day trips are scheduled seasonally on California's famous Rubicon Trail.

Regular group classes are scheduled throughout the fall, winter, and spring months, October through April. Courses fill up fast, so book ahead! Class size is kept small for maximum effectiveness.

Private courses are available by appointment, year-round, 7-days a week, so that your course is tailored to your specific vehicle, skill level and interest.


4wd Training

We offer training to suit your 4wd needs. Whether you have just bought your first rig or are a seasoned wheeler, we can help expand your knowledge base. On the trail or in the field, we give you the tools to assess your own situation and make an educated decision before moving forward. Our goal is to instill confidence in your own abilities. By building your recovery repertoire, we are confident that you will leave our course with the know how to get out of any sticky situation and keep you on the trail. Its only fun when you can still get home.

We offer courses that cover:

Beginning Rock-crawling (hosted on the Rubicon trail)

  • Safety
  • Personal preparedness
  • Vehicle preparedness
  • Reading the trail and picking a line
  • Use of traction aids

Basic Trail Repair

  • Safety
  • Most common failures, how to fix and how to prevent
  • Assessing/Addressing Damage
  • Tools and tool maintenance
  • Equipment training (weight ratings, proper use of tools)

Vehicle Recovery

  • Safety
  • Assessing your situation
  • Proper use of Hi-lift jack
  • Winching
  • Addressing tire failure

Above all we focus on safety!All classes can be tailored to match your vehicle type and equipment, so you get the most of your time spent with us. Remember rushing into a situation sometimes ends in rushing to the ER. All training is centered around a low impact, environmentally conscious approach. Tread Lightly!